MJ and Pat.

I can’t imagine a better way to start this blog then by posting this photo. The first one that was submitted.

This is Mary Jane and Pat. They’ve been best friends for almost 30 years.

(The photo is small but it’s the size it was submitted. Once we get the new look completed we will let you know the exact size photo we’ll need for submissions. So for now please forgive the fact that things will be a bit wonky.)

Ok ladies… I think these two are beautiful, but since MJ is my MOM and Pat is nearly my second mom it’s no wonder! But let’s raise them up!


16 Responses to “MJ and Pat.”

  1. Gina Says:

    Your mom has GORGEOUS eyes and Pat’s smile is adorable and infections. I know you can’t see much, but they look so stylish and sassy. I hope I look half as good as them when I am their age.

  2. Gina Says:

    Argh! I meant infectious! Not infections! LOL…hopefully that will make them laugh hard. In my defense, I am suffering from the stomach flu, a fever, AND morning sickness.

  3. Jill Says:

    They are both beautiful women. Their eyes sparkle!!

  4. Erin Says:

    I agree that MJ has beautiful eyes. She looks like the kind of person who is very open and kind. I could see her being someone I could sit with and pour out my soul to. She has an understanding face.

    Pat looks like one of those ladies who would always be good for a laugh. Her smile reminds me of a lady I know who is just spunky and fun and hilarious. And I consider a sense of humor to be one of the most beautiful things about a person. 🙂

  5. amber Says:

    Georgous skin, beautiful eyes, amazing smiles by both women. And both look like the kind of people who would open up their home to anyone. Beautiful, beautiful women!

  6. Katie Says:

    They’re so beautiful! Beautiful smiles, what a way to start the blog! I want to sit at an island in the kitchen with a huge coffee mug and just watch them interact. Beautiful women friendships are hard to come by, I love that we’re celebrating this friendship of these cute cute women!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    I see joy and wisdom that has been hard-won but so worthwhile. I see a light in their eyes.

    I know MJ is a woman who would drop anything for her children, and she’s what I would want my mom to be like. She’s loyal, dependable, hardworking, and so very kind.

    I love Pat’s little dimple. I’ve always wanted a dimple when I smile, but I got crinkly eyes instead. Lucky me. 🙂

  8. rachael Says:

    i see two beautiful women with a bit of a twinkle of mischievous fun in their eyes. they look warm and welcoming. i bet they are just full of stories…and laughs. i imagine that they have been through a lot together and are very much like sisters.

  9. thefreshreflection Says:

    of course i not only KNOW these women, I LOVE these women. Especially my mom of course! BUT. Just in their looks… I adore my mom’s freckles. I remember being in high school and in that “I don’t like my mom” phase but noticing one day I had freckles on my elbows. I’d never noticed it before and I was so happy b/c I knew I would someday look like my mom! Even during the stupid time when she wasn’t my favorite person, I was so so proud to look like her. Also, a funny story, but when C and I were dating he always would joke that he’d “do” my mom… meaning he knew I’d look like her and he thought she was pretty. He was 19 and crass, but it always meant a lot that he thought she was pretty!

    And Pat… you can’t see them here but I’ve always loved her hands. They are always warm. And when I was little they were always a safe place. I’ve also always loved her smile. And the super loud and contagious laugh that follows. And the last thing I love are her eyes. Like some people have said… they have a twinkle. But what I love most is that she has a way of looking at you with a smile and it seems like you are the most important person in the room. I love that.


  10. Maeve's mom Says:

    First off, I see two woman who love each other.

    MJ: your hair is beautiful, I love the color, and the short, sassy cut looks great on you. Your eyes sparkle. Also, where are your wrinkles? I don’t see any!

    Pat: your hair is so thick and luxurious, I see happiness in your eyes, and I love your smile.

  11. Susan Says:

    This is the coolest idea, I just love it, and I love the two women on this picture. They are both full of love. joy and warmth.Women who have grown through the years to become what you see. Inner beauty that surpasses physical beauty even though they both have plenty of that too.Kisses and hugs to you both. Don’t you wish we would all speak out and say these things to each other all of the time?

  12. thefreshreflection Says:

    MJ has the most welcoming and loving smile, rounded out by the most caring and gentle eyes. Rockin’ nails too! 🙂

    Pat has GORGEOUS hair! What a perfect cut to frame her fun smile! -kim

  13. Donna Says:

    Not completely unbiased since I know these women too…
    I see flawless skin, eyes sparkling with laughter, tho they’ve known tears, years of accumulated wisdom, welcoming smiles and accepting spirits.

  14. Denise Laborde Says:

    MJ has great skin. Pat has great hair. That’s what I noticed first. Bises, D

  15. Jan C. Says:

    I always notice peoples’ eyes first. Both MJ and Pat have kindness and good humor radiating from their eyes!

  16. amyellen Says:

    The first thing I see when I look at MJ and Pat is their ease in which they look into the camera. I can only imagine the happy and sad times they have experienced with each other but they radiate love. And my what nice teeth they both have 🙂
    Mary Jane I wish I could pull off red short hair but you have that one all wrapped up! Pat I wish my hair was as thick and cute as yours!
    You two rock!

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