(I’ve been thinking a lot about whether to include these women’s stories or not and I’ve decided not to. Basically b/c of what I said tonight when explaining this idea… I said that I know what I am proud of myself for, what I go to bed happy I accomplished that day, I know what makes me an individual, etc. And that should be enough. It should be enough to love yourself on the inside. Or at least be trying to love yourself on the inside. But it’s just not. Because I look in the mirror everyday and never think I look pretty. Ever. And I know I’m not alone. But I also know that’s not what everyone else sees. And if we can help teach each other to see what others see… well… how incredible would that be? So it’s not about WHO WE ARE… even though that’s what it SHOULD be about… this blog is just about what we look like. And telling each other what WE see. So from here on out (unless I break my own rule someday!) there will be no words. Just a photo. And a name. A name we get to spend one whole day building up. Praying for if we’re so inclined. Thinking about. I really hope this can be powerful. And I think it will.)


Photo credit HERE.


28 Responses to “Betsy.”

  1. bobbi Says:

    joy, beauty, sweetness, real.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Awesome Mommy, laughter, and warm.

  3. Amy Says:

    She’s beautiful!

  4. thefreshreflection Says:

    this is hard b/c I “know” Betsy (online, not in real life) so I know the PERSON she is. And I know that she’s awesome. But I also remember the first time I found her blog and saw her photo. And I remember LOVING her dark+silky hair. The shape of her face… i LOVE her chin. Of all random things! I also love the way her eyes light up in her smile. Like I can’t wait to meet her in person and be on the other end of that smile. Love you Bets!

    • betsy Says:

      Ok, I wasn’t going to chime in yet. This is SOOO weird to have people talking about ME! Wait a minute, that’s not the way these things usually work. It’s usually about everybody ELSE!

      Ok, so my chin is the thing I hate about my face the most! It goes on forever! It could give Jay Leno a run for it’s money! (It is even a bit of a butt chin!!!) and my hair? oh my, if you knew the magic i had to perform to make it silky.

      Alright, this is great therapy for me to see myself differently. Thanks guys!! You are all so incredibly sweet.

  5. lyndsay Says:

    exactly what jod said….betsy is amazing and i imagine her to be infectious by her smile and eyes in person.

  6. gina Says:

    I read Betsy’s blog each day! I can’t even remember how I stumbled onto it so many months ago, but she brings me great inspiration! She is always so positive and sweet and funny…. and I think it shines in this portrait! : ) Oh and you can tell she has great style!

  7. Gina Says:

    I don’t see anything about her that ISN’T beautiful…her hair, her eyes, her smile, her chin, her cute nose, her little body. Yep, gorgeous.

  8. ellie Says:

    she looks so happy and excited and full of life and just plain gorgeous!

  9. Ang Says:

    Natural beauty and happiness. Complete and together. Independent and proud. Someone you’d want to call a friend, grab a glass of wine with and just chat for hours.

  10. Erin Says:

    She looks like a very fun and funny person. I love how her eyes crinkle. And I also think she’d be the kind of person who wouldn’t be afraid to tell it like it is– and we all need friends like that. 🙂

  11. amber Says:

    Love the smile and the hair. She is georgous! She has an expressive face and I feel like I can almost hear her laughing. BEAUTIFUL!!

  12. Maeve's mom Says:

    So, I decided I would comment without reading what others wrote first (so as to give my own clear impression of what I see); so if I repeat what others said, my apologies….Betsy’s smile is radiant, she looks so really, truly happy, and fun. The hair is gorgeous and I love how her eyes look in this photo, fun and wise all at the same time.

  13. bridget Says:

    ONE WORD – BEAUTIFUL! I haven’t met Betsy in person, but she’s BEAUTIFUL inside and out. And her smile is contagious. And I just know that in person she’s probably even prettier. Oh, lucky on the small frame too. 🙂 She deserves to be as happy as she is in this shot, forever. And I would say her eyes and smile and pose – all love.

  14. Sarah Says:

    Adding confident, cute, style

  15. Marcia Says:

    SO cute! Full of life, full of energy, happy, confident. Truly beautiful.

  16. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, she looks like fun. Like a little sassy pants that would whisper something irreverent to me and I would have to try and stifle my laughter.
    She looks like she’s done a lot of laughing. Her eyes crinkle at the outside corners, like mine do. She has a cute nose and a wonderful smile and nice teeth.
    I’d probably be afraid to approach her because she is a “pretty girl” and in my “ugly girl” self-assigned status, I’d think that she would be out of my “league” (friendship-wise). But that’s silly, isn’t it? Yes.
    Keep laughing, Betsy!

  17. girldogtorch Says:

    I just want to chime in to agree with you, Jodie– these are about our impressions on what we _see_, as a correspondent to what we think when we see ourselves. I know my own story, and can be proud of myself for many things, but that is reason, and reason has little to do with the nagging voice that says negative things about what I see when I look in a mirror.

    I also want to note: the theologian in me notes that this is very pastoral, and rather revolutionary.

  18. Maya Laurent Says:

    Gorgeous! A person who can be deep and so fun at the same time!

  19. Kristen Says:

    Happy. Fun. Mischevious. Playful. Beautiful. Spontaneous. Spunky. A true joy.

  20. thefreshreflection Says:

    I can just imagine myself giggling with her for hours! She looks like the life of the party and someone who has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and loved… someone who’s never met a stranger. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the out! Looking forward to arranging to meet her someday. SOON! -kim

  21. jessie Says:

    Betsy, you’re beautiful. I read your comment about your chin and wanted you to know that I totally didn’t notice it. Your SMILE is WAY HUGE and genuine and gorgeous. No one notices your chin.

  22. Denise Laborde Says:

    Killer smile!

  23. Karen Says:

    I notice first the fun posture, teasing look and joy in this photo.
    I had to go back and look to see the chin.

  24. rachael Says:

    she looks like a woman who makes the most out of each day, living life to its fullest. her smile is playful and full of joy. her eyes have that twinkle that just shows how much she loves. and i bet she brightens up a room like rays of sunshine when she walks in. betsy is beautiful!

  25. Jan C. Says:

    Betsy looks like the kind of girlfriend/wife/mom a person could tell their deepest secrets and fears to, and that wouldn’t lower her opinion of them one bit–kwim?

  26. Rachael Giallongo Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  27. amyellen Says:

    Betsy looks like the kind of girl that you want for a best friend. Happy, silly, confident. The hair, the great teeth, the flawless skin, super cute figure, I am jealous! Her face looks like pure joy! Now I get to go back and read what everybody else said 🙂

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