18 Responses to “Robin.”

  1. thefreshreflection Says:

    I love Robin’s kind eyes. You just know she’ll give you the shirt off her back if you asked. And I’ve always wished for cute whispy bangs but my colics won’t let me! And I love this photo b/c she looks like she was laughing but then realized she was being caught on film and got embarrassed… love how sweet she looks here! -jodie

  2. thefreshreflection Says:

    totally not stealing jodie’s comments, but my first thought was, “what beautiful kind eyes!!” the kind of eyes you know would sit and listen to you talk when you just needed someone to listen… and you’d know in her eyes she understood and cared.

    i love the bit of timid laugh. -kim

  3. cara harjes Says:

    what an inviting smile and an overall sense of peacefulness! she looks gentle and kind. what smooth skin! and . . . .THOSE EYES!!! 🙂

  4. Sarah Says:

    Love her hair, it looks like it has volume and can curl nicely. She looks like a nice and thoughtful person.

  5. giveitawhirl Says:

    I love seeing her hands in this photo! She has hands that look like they work hard but yet are soft to touch other people in a caring way. I also love how her eyes look they give you her full attention. All in all, I see a beautiful, down to earth friend forever!

  6. jessie Says:

    Robin’s smile is so genuine! She looks relaxed and friendly… the type of person you could talk to even if you didn’t know her very well.

  7. Ang Says:

    Robin looks so relaxed and natural. Comfortable. I imagine you looking at a good friend or family member b/c of your bright smile.

  8. Gina Says:

    Her peaches and cream complexion is to die for! Such gorgeous skin, and her warm eyes…what a knockout combination!!

  9. Erin Says:

    I am in awe of her smooth skin and beautiful complexion! She looks like a sweet person. 🙂

  10. Denise Laborde Says:

    I’m going with nice skin and smiling eyes! Eyes that smile are the best.

  11. Karen Says:

    Robin. What a great smile. You look like someone who knows how to enjoy life.

  12. Jan C. Says:

    I agree with all of those who commented on Robin’s awesome eyes and beautiful smile!

  13. robin Says:

    thank you all! and i am a good friend of tracy and i am glad we have met!!

  14. Maeve's mom Says:

    I love Robin’s eyes, so warm and happy. Also, she looks like she’s wearing no make-up, yet the skin is flawless. Gorgeous!

  15. Kristen Says:

    Honest eyes. Warm smile. Caring soul.

  16. Elizabeth Says:

    Dude. This is just weird. I looked at the photo on the main page and before I ever clicked over to leave a comment, the exact words that popped into my head were, “Kind eyes.” Then I came to the comments and those very same words were in the first two comments! I didn’t read any of the other comments yet, though. I want to give my take before it’s influenced by others.

    Robin, you have nice teeth. And such great cheekbones. Oh, and, of course the kind eyes. 🙂

  17. amber Says:

    Beautiful smile, gentle eyes, and great skin!

  18. Rachael Giallongo Says:

    What a great smile! You are beautiful!

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