20 Responses to “Abbie.”

  1. thefreshreflection Says:

    well, it’s my sister so of course i think she’s beautiful, but let’s be specific here.This is one of my new favorite photos of her b/c… 1. her eyes are so crystal clear blue 2. her smile lines around her eyes, which i’m sure she hates, but oh man does she have a lot to smile about right now! 3. her hair looks amazing, especially considering she had a baby days before this shot 4. her skin+freckles are so perfect and 5. the shape of her face… I’ve always been jealous of how thin and long her face is while mine is round and right now, fat. love you ab!

  2. bonnierose Says:

    She’s oh so beautiful!
    What a fabulous smile!
    U have one adorable and beautiful sister!

  3. betsy Says:

    Those eyes! That beautiful smile! Those adorable freckles. Wow, she radiates joy. : )

  4. Sarah Says:

    I love how naturally beautiful she is. Her facial features are perfectly portioned for her face. Beautiful smile, white teeth, and my favorite is the freckles on her nose.

  5. lyndsay Says:

    I love her hairline. I wish mine was that pretty! He has beautiful eyes and I love her skin too.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Love the freckles!

  7. danielle Says:

    beautiful, carefree smile! piercing, gorgeous ocean blue eyes! seemless hair! freckles to die for, just like her momma! and looks like she has it all together! congrats on the new baby girl! you look awesome!

  8. mom kuhn Says:

    Oh my heart sings looking at my beautiful daughter. (one of two beautiful daughters). Her eyes light up a room, they are the blue of her dad’s, but the freckles are from me. I love you.

  9. Jan Says:

    This is the kind of face that is beautiful now and will be beautiful no matter how many years it collects. Abbie, you have gorgeous blue eyes, super cute freckles, beautiful shiny “surfer girl” hair, and a wonderful smile. I assure you that you have nothing to complain about when you look in the mirror!

  10. cara harjes Says:

    i heart:
    the freckles on her nose
    her cute smile
    and those blue sparkling eyes!

  11. Jill Says:

    oh how your eyes sparkle!

  12. amber Says:

    Abbie has beautiful skin and I love her freckles. Amazing blue eyes and one of the most genuine smiles I have ever seen.

  13. Ang Says:

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one. I’ve always thought that Abbie is beautiful. Gorgeous blue eyes, awesome hair and skin (LOVE the freckles), utterly perfect smile, and the warm, fun, caring personality to complete the package. And now that you’re raising your own sister-team, I imagine your brightness (and those miniscule smile lines) will continue to grow.

  14. jessie Says:

    I love her straight hair. I’ve always wished mine would be so straight like that! Instead it’s wavy and unruly. And I also really like the freckles. 😀 I think they’re cute and make her look younger.

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    Not reading other comments first! 🙂
    I love her freckles. Seriously. I can imagine they drive her nuts, but I like the texture and depth they give to her face. She has beautiful blue eyes and her eyes are smiling too.

  16. Gina Says:

    Every time you post a picture of Abbie, I always think she’s really cute. Her freckles, her blue eyes, her pretty hair, her straight teeth….she’s adorable.

  17. Maeve's mom Says:

    They eyes are amazing, they look so full of life, and joy (in addition to the gorgeous color). I also love the skin tone and freckles, so much like her mother. The perfect white teeth and smile.

  18. Rachael Giallongo Says:

    You are a breath of fresh air!

  19. Mamie Coffey Says:

    Abbie is adorable. Her photo came up on my RSS feed and all I could say was, “she is adorable.” I love, love, LOVE the freckles. Her eyes are gorgeous. She radiates joy. Not just happiness- but, joy.

  20. tiny twig Says:

    freckles, darling, honest, fresh. PRECIOUS and joyful. LOVE your look. you are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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