we made a new home.

The response has been so amazing Kim and I decided to actually make this little project official! Please update your Google Readers with the new and final website: http://www.thefreshreflection.com

We are always looking for more women and to get the word out! If you blog about this project please email and let us know so we can link you! If you have a woman in your life that needs a boost, please send us her photo! (please have photos be 800pixels wide)

And as always, please leave these amazing women comments! Tell them what YOU see when you look at them!


kim and jodie


2 Responses to “we made a new home.”

  1. Laura Says:

    http://thefreshreflection.com/ does not seem to exist. Is this project dead, or is there a new website? I know I’m a little late, but I just became aware of this blog and it has been so inspiring! Thank you all for sharing your photographs and your lovely comments.

    • jodieallen Says:

      I’m sorry, we had to take it down a long time ago. it was an amazing project while it lasted but some people got upset so it came down!

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